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We Own The Sky



BROADEN A NEW SOUND and VICE Magazine celebrate Heritage Day their own special way with

We Own The Sky

a gig poster art & music merch design exhibition –

Gig Poster Art has become an intricate part of drawing attendance to an event by injecting a potential concert goer with visual excitement for the promoted event.
It originated in the 60ies, but the concept of concert posters as art never went away. Instead, the new generation of gig poster artists are creating images that transcend commercial purpose and graphic design, attaining the status of true art.

In the local independent music scenes, South African illustrators and designers have been creating works true to the scenes’ DIY ethic. Through their art, they promote music that matters to them, music that does not seem to have a place in an otherwise ignorant local industry. In its own right, Merchandise Design has also become an elaborate part of gaining new audiences for local underground musicians.

A new precedent has been set for the calibre of creativity in music and art that is currently coming out of our country; and it is fast becoming a movement that will move way beyond its previous restrictions.

We Own The Sky will showcase the finest works by these illustrators and designers, celebrating both their independence and their heritage, whilst proving that the sky is indeed the limit.

All the artwork exhibited will be for sale both on the night and for the week after that it will remain up in the gallery. Hours are 10am-6pm.

The uber talented Hruki will also be launching their unique band merchandise clothing label in Johannesburg. With every purchase of a band t-shirt, a free introductory disc to the band’s music is included.

The After Party


(19th floor)

A line-up featuring the best in underground and cutting edge music in South Africa, will perform on the rooftop of the building (with amazing views of Jozi city at night), to compliment the exhibition, the setting and the theme of the evening, We Own The Sky.

The line-up : kidofdoom, João Orecchia, Righard Kapp, us kids know, Eyes Like Mirrors, Biscope, Data Takashi.

You can download music by all of the artists performing on the night (as well as other amazing international artists) on our first official sampler in the Downloads section HERE.

And you can also download a promo mix from Data Takashi: Data Takashi – Back To Stay (Dancing In Outer Space)

MduComics will also have an installation with their music videos and animations: View Video HERE.

It’s all happening



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