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The Warm Up Part 4.

As part of our endeavor to showcase Johannesburg’s hottest venues, The Warm Up Part 4 will take place at PRIVATE PRACTICE, on the 19th floor of The Lister building on 7 January 2012. This amazing venue in the heart of the city offers spectacular views, secure indoor parking and can accommodate a bigger crowd for a little bit longer

The Warm Up Part 4 – International Guest DJ Till Von Sein

Till Von Sein is the master of arrogance, mostly because he rocks crispy white tee’s with catchy slogans on them for like maybe two or three uses tops and then throws them away. Plus whenever he’s buying sneakers, homeboy always cops two pair. I mean, if that ain’t keeping it really real in Berlin, than we don’t even know.”

Till is a typical urban kid; growing up in the nineties with skateboarding and hip hop, he was running his own street wear shop for seven years until he in 2006 decided to focus 100% on his music career.

Besides working as the booking agent for a number of infamous German acts, Till is also a heavily acclaimed dj and producer with releases on labels like Supplement Facts, Suol and Dirt Crew Recs, with collaborations with Tigerskin, Aera, Chopstick, Catz’n’Dogz etc. and with remixes on Ministry of Sound, Plastic City and many others on the discography.



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