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Skyroomlive goes Live From INTERMISSION

Skyroomlive is a thrilling new breakthrough in live event performance. An opportunity to reach fans beyond borders and across time zones in a way that exceeds the way you currently interact with them.

Skyroomlive in collaboration with INTERMISSION, has set up a new stylish, intimate venue on the roof of the INTERMISSION venue, 20 stories above the centre of Johannesburg’s CBD and it is from this unique platform that an entirely new and innovative way to view live performances has hit South Africa. SkyRoom is a thrilling new event to hit South Africa’s music scene, which showcases live performances that are broadcasted live onto social networks like Facebook and Twitter or simply on the SkyRoom website.

Fans from all over the world will have the opportunity to view artists perform LIVE, in their very own comfort zones, from any device that allows live streaming such as smart phones, computers, and laptops. Furthermore, all live performances will be recorded as a video which will be archived onto the website and saved for further viewing by fans

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