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Una Aya Osato performed an impromptu version of her new one-woman show Recess, an impassioned response to her experiences attending and teaching in NYC’s public schools. A performer whose presence demands attention and inspires audiences, Osato seamlessly uncovers stories, and weaves together the diverse voices of NYC youth to conjure a collective narrative of hope.

“The piece’s greatest strength is the spirit, specificity, and heart Osato brings to the stage to invoke Sharita and her classmates…Osato gives each character a distinct voice and physicality, transitioning between characters with lightning speed and precision. Her performance never loses its infectious energy… a winning performance…” – Jason Jacobs.

Focusing on a group of 7-year-olds, Recess gives audiences a glimpse into the minds and lives of children navigating their way through the NYC public school system. With relevance beyond those who work in education, Recess explores how to discover inspiration by listening to the voices of those who are typically ignored.


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