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PURA = Pure
VIDA = Life

INTERMISSION welcomes NAPALMA back to the PRIVATE PRACTICE Rooftop for an Afro-Brazilian celebration of pure life.

Napalma is the musical inspiration born out of a fusion between Brazilian and African culture and music. Created in 2004 during carnival in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil, the band is committed to inventing new ways to incite dance floor fever.
Their show is the result of powerful electronic dance grooves, percussion and rhythms from such rich Afro-Brazilian musical heritage as Samba, Baião & West African styles mixed with a riveting performance and inspiring vocals in Portuguese, English and Shangaan…The vibrancy of the band members is contagious and no audience member is immune.

With special guests : Dj Selekta Q, Dj True Jones, Yeeugo, Dj Buttafingaz & Dj Veronique

Saturday, December 8, 2012. 5-12pm

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Chewing Gum at the Drive-in
will be open from 2-10pm

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