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PRIVATE PRACTICE is a privately run, independent venue location situated on the 19th floor of the LISTER MEDICAL BUILDING, 195 Jeppe St.
It is a unique and versatile 650m2 venue, boasting a 360° view of Johannesburg’s urban landscape. It is a multi-purpose cultural space providing two platforms – space, which facilitates creativity and a stage for showcasing the outcome. It is ideally suited for both event and film / photo productions.

PRIVATE PRACTICE was initiated in 2003 and is managed by Alastair Mclachlan of INTERMISSION. It has evolved quite simply as a result of public interest in its pure potential – from a private residence within a medical building into a promotional vehicle for living and working spaces in the city, and a sustainable working model for business supporting the arts.

INTERMISSION welcomes the use of PRIVATE PRACTICE by external parties (private and corporate) for the purpose of holding and staging: EVENTS / FUNCTIONS / LAUNCHES / PARTIES / EXHIBITIONS / FILMS AND STILL PHOTOGRAPHY etc.

BOOK YOUR EVENT – Call us for a site visit

Visit our Flickr site for more venue and event-related photos or call to book a site visit.

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