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Positions: Contemporary artists in South Africa

Peter Anders and Matthew Krouse’s Positions: Contemporary South African Artists.
Published by Jacana Media in association with Goethe-Institut South Africa and the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
featuring live music by Ntone Edjabe and a photographic exhibition by Sally Shorkend.

“Ranging from resistance to education, contemporary artists are increasingly raising opposition to economic pressure, radical social change and rapidly changing identities. How does the local contemporary art scene respond to the worldwide dynamics of globalisation? Which social, political and cultural positions do individual artists adopt?

This volume presents views of some of South Africa’s most prominent artists, writers, choreographers, photographers and musicians. Produced in direct dialogue with journalists and cultural scientists from the respective art scenes, developments within today’s cultural flashpoints are illuminated in interviews, portraits and essays.

Throughout, the focus is on the artists’ individual perspectives, not theoretical or historical concepts, with their specific approaches and different forms of expression they give insight into the pressing issues of South African society, showing how political art is positioned in the post-apartheid era.”

ISBN: 9781770098893

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