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MissYucki : Reunion Show

Alba Poretti and Kat Cameron, the creators of the character and design label MissYucki are very pleased to announce their upcoming Reunion show and Yucki “Pageant Power” celebration.

It’s the first time, Alba and Kat will be together to concoct Yuckiness in South Africa in over two and a half years. They have been separated by global adventuring and are now both together again for this show and ready to bedazzle in the very place where MissYucki first started. Johannesburg.

MissYucki will be showing and selling their new range of illustrations; including prints and drawings, unique plush creations and sparkly playful accessories. They will also be hosting an afternoon of city trash trawling with their second annual Trash Trolley Treasure Hunt game.

Since her humble beginnings as random doodles, Miss Yucki has grown into a complex and multifaceted character that embodies Alba and Kat’s desire to create, design and explore their world and their identities in South Africa and beyond.

MissYucki, the character, is a professional pavement princess and apprentice witch doctor. She is a lost child and little homeless street wanderer who, together with her guardians the muti monster tokoloshies parade the urban landscape hawking their trash treasure and magic medicines, adventuring through dreamscapes and city slums and participating in all the little miss beauty pageants with the goal of becoming the ultimate little miss beauty pageant star. Her mythology is filled with characters including muti monsters, pageant princesses and curious dream- scape creatures.

Using a range of mediums, the artists create scenes and themes from the MissYucki character mythology as well as accessories and novelties inspired by the characters way of life.

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