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Killing Kebble

Dressed to the nines, the curious and the confident swished and streamed into PRIVATE PRACTICE (Lister Medical Building), downtown Johannesburg to witness the launch of journalist Mandy Wiener’s much awaited book, Killing Kebble: An Underworld Exposed.

The venue was chosen, among other reasons, because it overlooks the Johannesburg High Court, where much of the action from the fallout of Brett Kebble’s 2005 murder played out.

The author, Mandy Wiener – who covered the proceedings when Glenn Agliotti went on trial for the killing – was interviewed chat-show style by Radio 702’s David O’Sullivan (Complete Mail & Guardian article). We learnt of the difficulties of writing the book – but also about the great breakthroughs that were made with the case, and how Wiener had unlimited access to the so-called “bungling hitmen” who were involved.

These men, as widely reported, were present at the launch: Mikey Schultz, Faizel “Kappie” Smith and Nigel McGurk. While Wiener was signing hundreds of books, she had to share splashes of the limelight with them. Overall, it was one of the most well-attended and celebrity-packed launches seen in Johannesburg – definitely a candidate for “book launch of the year”!
– Tarryn Talbot

“…murder with snacks” review by Laurice Taitz.

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In September 2005 one of South Africa’s most prominent mining magnates and businessmen Brett Kebble was killed on a quiet suburban street in Johannesburg.

The top-level investigation into the case that followed was a tipping point for democratic South Africa, exposing the corrupt relationship between the country’s Chief of Police and Interpol President Jackie Selebi and suave Mafioso Glenn Agliotti.

A lawless Johannesburg underbelly was revealed – dominated by drug lords, steroid-filled bouncers, an international smuggling syndicate, a shady security unit moonlighting for the police and sinister self-serving sleuths abusing state agencies. Indemnified by an agreement struck with the state, Kebble’s killers Mikey Schultz, Nigel McGurk and Faizel “Kappie” Smith come clean to Mandy Wiener in exclusive interviews about the events of the night Kebble was shot dead.

As Wiener unpacks the chilling events we are given insight into the accounts of the life paths leading the “bungling assassins” to Kebble’s killing. The man accused of orchestrating Kebble’s murder Glenn Agliotti has provided Wiener with exclusive access to his story, as have a cast of other characters whose versions of the events are as yet untold.

This true-crime tale is set against the fascinating background of political interference at the highest level, a bitter feud between two arms of the country’s law-enforcement authorities, a festering police service tainted by dirty cops and the shady relationships between the magnate and aspirant young political turks who were ready recipients of his largesse.

Killing Kebble is not the story of one murder. It’s a gritty, fast-paced chronicle of how one death blew the lid off Johannesburg’s underworld.

Author: Mandy Wiener
Publisher: Pan Macmillan South Africa
ISBN: 9781770101326

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