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Intrepid space explorers come to terms with strange events and beautiful women on planet Uranus.


1962 Danish Sci-Fi classic
Directed by Sidney Pink
Screenplay by Ib Melchior based on Pink’s original story.

“There are no limits to the imagination. And man’s ability to make reality out of his visions is his greatest strength. Through this skill he has been able to conquer time and space. The story you are about to see takes place after man has solved the complex mysteries of space travel. The year is 2001. Life is changed now. The planet Earth is no longer wracked by wars and threats of annihilation. Man has learned to live with himself.”

The countdown ends and the rocket is off!

“The United Nations is the sole governing body of the world and the great hunger now is for knowledge. All the planets near the sun including Saturn have been explored and chartered by the UN Space Fleet. But as yet no sign of life in any form has been discovered. The search goes on, and systematic exploration continues. Spaceship Explorer 12 is now on a mission to survey, land and investigate the seventh planet, Uranus.”

An evil force dominates Uranus, a gigantic omniscient brain that emits wavelengths which cause the astronauts to hallucinate their greatest fears and most cherished desires. Our spacemen encounter a bevy of European beauties starring Greta Thyssen, and a host of other seductresses as well as a giant spider and a one-eyed dragon. All of the men aboard the Explorer 12 are well on their way to temptation, danger and a wild ride to nearly the end of the Solar System!

Music by Ib Glindemann. Theme song over end credits sung by Otto Brandenburg :

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