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It’s INTERMISSION time Folks!

INTERMISSION has recently finished renovating the 18th Floor, of the: Lister Medical Building.

This involved mostly taking everything; the partitions; the suspended ceiling; 4 layers of linoleum tiles and the kitchen sink, out.
I think someone once said “sometimes you’ve got to take it all away, to see what’s left”

What INTERMISSION has left is a truly amazing platform: an empty stage, a blank canvas and an incredible view to boot!

650sqm of 360degree panoramic view, 18 Floors high!

INTERMISSION is concerned with promoting a variety of creative endeavors In the inner city, Johannesburg CBD, South Africa, ‘cause you haven’t lived in Joburg, until you’ve lived in Johannesburg.

Join us on the 25th November for the inaugural event at the INTERMISSION Gallery.

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