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ITHUBA Arts Fund Exhibition

“Instead of trying to forcibly shoehorn the individual case of Johannesburg into a single explanatory logic derived from such available theories as ‘urban growth machines”, “global cities” and postmodern urbanism, I seek to retain the detailed richness, complexity and heterogeneity of the urban experience by focusing on different parts of the story and how these separate pieces fit together into a coherent whole.” – Martin Murray, “Taming the Disorderly City”

The Ithuba Arts Fund seeks to provide a platform to emerging artists in Johannesburg.

As a collaborative initiative from property developers Jika and Citiq, the fund is committed to developing and supporting local creative practices. At the beginning of June 2011, Ithuba sent out an open call to artists to respond to the city of Johannesburg. Five projects were selected for funding and will exhibit their work at the end of November in the INTERMISSION space on the 18th floor of the Lister Building in downtown Johannesburg.

Ithuba will be showcasing the work of the following artists:

Thenjiwe Nkosi
Benon Lutaaya
Louise Ross
Dirk Bahmann
Jozi Rhythmanalogues: Mocke Jansen Van Vuuren and Theresa Collins

with collaborators Joao Orrechia, Siya Makuzeni, Mngomezulu Neku and DJs Miz Buttons and The Bartender

For more information: www.artsithuba.co.za

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