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Anthea Moys presents ‘Interruption’

to be opened by Prof. Penny Siopis… and other surprises – In fulfillment of Master’s in Fine Arts

6:30 for 7pm. 10 November 2007, for one night only!

INTERMISSION Gallery: 195 Jeppe Street, Lister Medical Building, 18th Floor.

This event / exhibition includes a selection of photographs, video projections and a performance. The photographs largely portray documentation of performances, which I have enacted in South Africa as well as in Switzerland over the past 2 years. There will also be video stills. The video works are also in line with the performances I have done. Almost all of the projects are collaboratively made. I am just the designer or the constructor of a situation, which is then enacted in public space.

“The underlying thread that runs through all of my work is the enactment of play through performance in the public domain.”

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