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INTERMISSION is a unique and versatile venue for both location and studio photography / film shoots.


(Please refer to the demarcated areas as indicated in the pictures above.)

A : Situated on the roof of the building’s lift machinery and water tanks, this space is essentially the 21st floor. It is the highest vantage point of the building and offers a full 360 degree panoramic view of Johannesburg. Access is however limited to a vertical ladder for all crew and provision should be made to hoist all equipment over the edge from the 19th floor.

B : Represents the roof of the 19th floor. It is a large 250 m2 unencumbered space without surrounding walls or railing. It is an ideal daylight studio for cityscape views and backdrops. Access is gained to this space via ladder or a small door.
Please note that any large equipment and / or tracks will need to be hoisted from the 19th Floor.

C : Is the outside terrace section of the 19th floor. It offers a wide variety of city backdrops but due to its surrounding 1.5m wall is more suited to in situ photography for a rooftop feel. Platforms / sets may, however, be constructed according to one’s needs.

D : May be used as an indoor studio or in conjunction with C, as an area for catering, wardrobe, hair and make-up. It can also be dressed and furnished to create a living or working apartment.
R 4 500.00 per day with sets.

E : The 18th floor offers 650 m2 of floor space in the round. It is ideal for larger scale studio shoots and also most suited for any prolonged or extended shoot periods and “permanent” sets. The width measures 6.5 m.
R 4 500.00 per day with sets.

The 18th floor is also equipped for a green / blue screen studio hosting a 4.76m x 3.4m infinity curve with a 1.2m radius. At 3.4m high it may not cater for all green screen scenarios but affords the rare benefit for full 28m tracking shots.


-Mary Sibande being photographed by John Hodgkiss

Demarcated studios 3 & 4 measure 28m in length and 3.4m high. Studio 3 has been designated as a communal recreational lounge : including occasional non-exclusive usage for client presentations, film screenings and potentially a fully versatile green and blue screen studio. At 3.4m high ( 0.5m higher than the other studio spaces ) it may not cater for all green screen scenarios, but used in combination with studio 4 it affords the rare benefit for full 28m tracking shots. Designed with versatility in mind ; 3 pull down roller blinds will be installed against the ceiling, in order to accommodate both blue and green screen environments and a white projection surface.

NneVida (72)_1000

-NneVida Music Video Shoot by Liquid Gate


Please note that the above rates represent costs for local small scale, (less than 10 persons), still shoots. The fee for film shoots will be negotiated according to the relative disruption of increased crew numbers, set-up times and amount of equipment.
Terms, conditions and fees are negotiable depending on scale (equipment and crew), capacity, set-up days / times, floor space required, and duration.
Operational costs for extra security, supervision, special deliveries, cleaning and parking are dependent on the above.




INTERMISSION has a vast and varied database of both urban and rural EYESAW locations that cover a broad spectrum of needs – from spectacular vantage points to unique interior spaces or even unusual textured backdrops.

PHOTOFILMLocation_Mandela-Bridge_1000 PHOTOFILMLocation_EYESAW_1000

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