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City Kidz

The Afhco Group held its first ever CityKidz Fundraising Dinner on the 26 October 2010.

The development and upliftment of children is fundamental to the success of our country. Afhco, under the directorship of Renney and Wayne Plit, as part of its program to uplift the inner city and invest in our community established CityKidz Pre and Primary School in 2007.

Most children attending schools in the inner city are typically faced with schools in derelict high rise buildings with no ventilation, poor lighting, bad wiring, poor fire compliance, broken toilets, crowded classroom with a poor academic standard, to name but a few challenges.

CityKidz Pre and Primary School is different. The school provides an excellent education, healthy food, sunshine and hope for over 250 inner city children.

Some quick CityKidz Facts:

1. Situated on a acre of open space (which is unheard of in the inner city)
2. Provides premium education from Grade R to Grade 7
3. Headmaster is Mr Pierre de Lange (previously from Bramley Primary)
4. 100% pass rate in 2009 for Grade 7’s.
5. Currently 252 students, with a target of 308 students for next year
6. Fully equipped traffic training centre
7. Fully equipped computer lab
8. Beautifully decorated classrooms
9. Netball and Soccer facilities
10. Section 21 Company (non-profit organisation)
11. Registered for Section 18A Tax (all donations are exempt from Tax)
12. R100,000.00 shortfall every month – Afhco carries this cost

For more information contact Angela Rivers at angela@afhco.co.za

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