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INTERMISSION welcomes the use of PRIVATE PRACTICE & The INTERMISSION Gallery by external parties (private and corporate) for the purpose of holding and staging: EVENTS / FUNCTIONS / LAUNCHES / PARTIES / EXHIBITIONS / FILMS AND STILL PHOTOGRAPHY etc…



Site visits are strictly

by appointment only. Wherever possible please co-ordinate group visits for all crew, contractors, personnel and clients etc. Please provide your vehicle registration # in advance in order to use INTERMISSION’s designated free VIP parking (Level 2)


Parking at the Lister Building is managed by INTERPARK. There are 3.5 parking levels. Safe parking for up to 300 cars can be provided for. Ticketed parking during office hours is available on basement levels 2B & 3B. Event parking (after hours) is levied at a reduced rate of R15 / car. Alternate parking can be arranged within the vicinity, on request. Delivery vehicles exceeding 2.2 m (height of Bree Street garage) may temporarily park in front of 195 Jeppe St. Please note these are designated ambulance parking bays and that prior consent will be needed.


Lister building has 4 passenger & 1 goods lifts. Please note, NO deliveries may be made from Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm & Sat 7am – 2pm. Please ensure all contractors and crew personnel are aware of this. It is the responsibility of the event organisers to inform all sub-contractors and delivery personnel. No exceptions will be made as these are part of the building’s regulations and are enforced by building security.


The Lister Medical Building is patrolled 24/7 by 6 guards from Mantis Security. Additional event related security may be organised through INTERMISSION at an hourly rate: at the gates essentially doubling as a welcome party patrolling and supervising parking, and outside the venue, supervising safety and security. Event co-coordinators are welcome to organise their own event-related security with the understanding that they fall under the jurisdiction and management of the building security.


Electrical supply is sufficient for most needs. The venue can also be equipped to supply three-phase power if required. Any alterations to the Db boards must be made by a qualified electrician, and restored to their original condition. INTERMISSION reserves the right to request an electrical compliance certificate.


19TH FLOOR : measures 650m2 comprising a 350 m2 outdoor rooftop terrace and a 250 m2 covered venue interior. The interior is open plan except for a 5 x 12m lockable storage / backstage / dressing rooms block. The space can be left open or easily compartmentalised as catering, VIP or press areas. The dotted lines represent roof covering outside. The width measures 6.5 m. The 19th floor carries a maximum capacity of 600 pax. 200 people can fit under cover, albeit, standing room only. 18TH FLOOR : measures 650m2 and is entirely covered. It is well suited for exhibitions, presentations or conferences. The width measures 6.5 m. The reception area may be used as an admin . registration area. The 18th floor carries a maximum capacity of 800 pax although the use of the 19th floor terrace is recommended as a breathing and smoking space.



There are 3 separate toilet facilities ( 3 stalls each) such as the one pictured below. They are cleaned daily and will be serviced by cleaning staff at your disposal for the duration of your event.Tloo (5)c_600


INTERMISSION operates its own bar service. The BARMACY is not yet fully licensed. Temporary licences can be arranged on an event to event basis and also on request. There is a small permanent bar that serves the terraced area on the 19th Floor – the B.BA.B.BAR

Shooting the Breeze (118) rbbabbar_600 Events in excess of 100 pax or requiring specific bar services or décor will require an additional or indoor bar set-up. This can be arranged at an additional cost. You are; however, welcome to provide your own bar service.


Please enquire about INTERMISSION’s extensive database of artists, entertainers and staging specialists for use at your functions. The database covers all themes and requirements, large and small, sophisticated or not, from quiet cocktail quartets to large function flavours.


Tents may be erected on the 19th floor terrace, as long as they meet the safety and security requirements of PRIVATE PRACTICE. It is highly recommended that you make use of one of our professionally installed customised package options.



To be conducted and managed without compromising the image of the building or infringing on or obstructing the natural working of the building and other tenants.


The Client undertakes to make no structural changes to the location (Painting, Drilling and the like). Minor dressing will be allowed. The Client may move furniture in the location that is not required. The Client undertakes to return the Location to the condition in which it was made available, prior to the departure of the last representative of the Client leaving the location. Any costs incurred in restoring the location to its original condition (structural and cleaning) will be charged for and the Client agrees to pay all such costs reasonably incurred.


The Client indemnifies the home owners, building owners, INTERMISSION CC or any affiliates thereof and accepts full responsibility for any damages or loss to either the location or its contents, or injury or death, of any nature whatsoever, to any crew or guests during the event / production period. In matters regarding the wellbeing and safety of clients and guests as well as adherence to terms and conditions (copy available on request) of the venue usage, INTERMISSION CC will make final decisions in its sole and unfettered discretion.


Proof of both insurance and indemnity covering the building, its contents and guests to the location, must be provided prior to the first production representative(s) entering the location.



INTERMISSION reserves the right to negotiate venue fees on the merits of each event. Terms, conditions and fees are negotiable depending on production scale, capacity, set-up days / times, floor space required, and duration. Please detail the nature of your proposed event, paying particular attention to the above criteria, via e-mail for a cost estimate. Unavoidable operational costs for management, security, cleaning and parking are mandatory to the fee, for events in excess of 50 pax. Set up on non-event days will occur a 50% venue hire charge.


A 50% deposit is required on booking, which in turn secures the venue for the agreed date / period. For any functions booked in the same week as the event, 100% is required on booking and no refunds will be provided on cancellation.


Aside from bookings made in the same week as the function date (as above), cancellation of confirmed bookings must be provided, in writing, at least 1 week prior to the commencement time of the event as stated in the contract. If notice is received within 1 week prior to the event, your deposit will not be refunded, and if notice to cancel is given within 24 hours of the booking, the full amount will be charged (i.e. the 50% deposit will not be refunded and an invoice will be raised for the balance due). Please enquire when cancelling a confirmed booking as to whether a cancellation fee will be due.


Please note that full balance of payment is due before the day of the event / shoot (unless otherwise negotiated in writing) by internet transfer or bank deposit. Access to the location will be denied unless proof of payment is provided. Proof of payment must be sent to Alastair Mclachlan on fax 0866159437 or bookings@intermission.co.za at least one day prior.


Should the Client exceed the time paid for, an additional charge will be levied at a pro-rated hourly rate +15% per hour over. In the event of the location having been booked by a third party, no time extensions will be considered and the Client will need to make arrangements to re-book the location.

I hope this information suffices, please take the time to fill out the attached proposal form INTER_PROPOSAL_1.1 to better our understanding of your event so that we may provide a cost estimate. Do not hesitate to contact INTERMISSION for further information.

Yours Sincerly

Alastair Mclachlan

COMPANY AND / OR further VENUE DETAILS available on request.


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