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Press Release: August 2010

Rising stars, Tebogo Malope and Pako Magabane launch their first independent photography book at a live music event and public exhibition @ the INTERMISSION Gallery, November 30th, 2010.
Black Ambition: Life in two lenses is an anthology of photographs from renowned young filmmaker Tebogo Malope and reputable young photographer Pako Magabane. Armed with two cameras they walked into the same environment, shot the same scenarios, at the same time yet they captured the emotion in a contrasting yet complementing way. Resulting in an emotive journey through the lenses of these two artistic minds.
Tebogo Malope brings extensive filmmaking experience to this project having done film projects ranging from TV dramas, feature films, music video’s, documentaries including his most recent project “A Country Imagined” but this project posed a new artistic challenge for him as the medium changes from motion pictures to still images. How does a filmmaker capture emotion in 1 frame as opposed to a series of moving images? Tebogo was the first one to acknowledge that the biggest challenge was “To capture an internal movement, it would be still images, yet the trick was to capture the subjects emotion which in its characteristic is in motion, their emotion is not dead, its alive, its not still, its progressive, it has shifted from their current state to a place where only a dream can take them and to capture that was the biggest challenge”-Tebogo
Pako Magabane is a highly reputable young photographer; his photography is featured in numerous TV shows and print media including Magazines. He exercises a very simple yet complex philosophy to his photography, “The universe, earth, Life is essentially magnificent. We tend to miss that simple truth because we have lost the art of pausing. That if we had to pause and observe we would realize how privileged we are to be alive”-Pako. This approach allowed him to treat these images with a finesse and sensitivity that evokes a fresh love for life.
Johnny Clegg has lent his words to the foreword of the book and comments, “ The book Black Ambition shows the hidden narrative of lives holding out for a better day. To have ambition is to have a sense of possibility. If that possibility is too remote, one invents it in another way and dances with it, So from a donkey cart with a Mercedes logo painted on the donkeys forehead to the drinking of traditional UMQGOMBOTHI out of wine glasses the world becomes a place invested with different possibilities. This is a fine debut by two developing artists fiercely engaged in exploring the potential of their chosen medium.”

With the pure drive, artistry and humility that these visual artists possess, they are arguably the most promising young visual artists of our time. Black Ambition: Life in two lenses is a project not to be missed.

Additional information can be found by contacting: Tebogo Malope -073 165 3885

  • THOMAS 2010-11-12, 2:17 PM

    Ambitiuos as Iam, I can’t wait to see your launch

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