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Analogue (girl) in a Digital World

Analogue (girl) in a digital world. On the interplay of analogue and digital cultures.

22 June 2010, 6 p.m., Live & DJ Acts and Art:
The Teichmann Brothers & MC LJ (Germany/Kenya)

& Fong Kong Bantu Sound System (South Africa)
Visuals: 26´10 Architects

INTERMISSION : 19th Floor, Lister Medical Building, 195 Jeppe St., Central Business District, Johannesburg.

Analogue (girl) in a Digital World is a series of events about music and culture that culminates in a multimedia party experience at INTERMISSION. DJ acts the Teichman BrothersMC LJ (Germany/Kenya) and Cape Town’s Fong Kong Bantu Sound System will play to visualisations by 26’10 South Architects.

Also to be seen on the night is STAD / CITY : TO LET / FOR SALE – the rebirth of the prospector, a photographic instalation by Alastair Mclachlan. This exhibition is one floor down from the party at the INTERMISSION Gallery.

Both events begin at 6pm and are free of charge.

“Music has a unique influence on life in South Africa. Even after the big struggle for equal rights in the 80s, where time and again it functioned as a means of psychological warfare, it hasn’t lost any of its relevance in people’s every day lives today. “Analogue (girl) in a digital world”, a quote from the Soul singer Erykah Badu, points us directly to current developments and to the socio-critical questions that move South African and German producers alike. During two nights of clubbing, framed by visual presentations, talks and workshops in Johannesburg and Soweto, the interplay of analogue and digital cultures becomes tangible as a global development. The cooperation with MC classes from the Gauteng province offers an exemplary view beyond, highlighting specific structures that show: music is influenced by life after all.”

more : info@johannesburg.goethe.org

Analouge Girl Flyer (JPG, 130KB)

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