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March 2011

Killing Kebble thumbnail

Dressed to the nines, the curious and the confident swished and streamed into PRIVATE PRACTICE (Lister Medical Building), downtown Johannesburg to witness the launch of journalist Mandy Wiener’s much awaited book, Killing Kebble: An Underworld Exposed. The venue was chosen, among other reasons, because it overlooks the Johannesburg High Court, where much of the action [...]


INTERVIEW #2 thumbnail

’11MARCH24INTERVIEW ADMISSION INTERALIAS INTERCOM INTERMISSION INTERVIEW #2. Q : It’s been a super long INTERMISSION ? A : It has been. Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping 2011 has had rubber teeth for you so far.. Q : What’s the score ? A : The World Cup was always going to be a kind of [...]



FREELANCE COLLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL STUDIOS an [ INTERMISSION ] In the making ] initiative. Communal creative working spaces – available starting 1 May 2011. Now you can party, play, exhibit and work at INTERMISSION. Starting from R36m² With access to : Rooftop garden canteen. Shared central administration / reception / switchboard. Wi-Fi, Broadband, internet connection. Server. [...]


THE MARCH thumbnail

“THE MARCH” Brings Music and Culture together. A Captivating Musical Experience that will take your breath away!!In The Heart of Jozi, Over looking our Busy City, from the Rooftop Terrace of The 19 Story Lister Medical Building! 17:00 Start as the Sun Begins to Set!! Beautiful Beats from : 5FM’s.Stunning & Sensational ERICA ELLE – [...]