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November 2006

MINUTES thumbnail

An installation of films, sound and photographic works by Theresa Collins and Mocke J van Veuren 25 November, Opening 7:00 @ the INTERMISSION Gallery The Minutes Project is an exploration of time and rhythms in Johannesburg. Through the medium of timelapse photography, these short films and sound recordings reveal the cycles of everyday city life in a [...]

It’s INTERMISSION time Folks! thumbnail

INTERMISSION has recently finished renovating the 18th Floor, of the: Lister Medical Building. This involved mostly taking everything; the partitions; the suspended ceiling; 4 layers of linoleum tiles and the kitchen sink, out. I think someone once said “sometimes you’ve got to take it all away, to see what’s left” What INTERMISSION has left is a truly [...]

Welcome to the 18th Storey thumbnail

INTERMISSION is due to complete renovations on the 18th floor of the lister Medical Building, 195 Jeppe st, Johannesburg, South Africa.